Moses in the Quran

Who was Prophet Musa (Alayhissalam)?

Prophet Musa (Alayhissalam) is the most mentioned prophet in the Quran. He was one of the noblest prophets of Allah. He is mentioned so many times in the Quran that a scholar once said that it seems that one of the purposes of the Quran is to mention the story of prophet Moses. Here is the list of Surahs and Verses which mention Prophet Moses (Alayhissalam) in the Quran

Early life

Musa (Alayhissalam) was born in Egypt at the time of Firaun. His mother was scared when he was born because Firaun had ordered his men to kill all the babies born in Bani-Israeel. Allah ordered Musa(AS)’s mothers to put Musa(Alayhissalam) in a basket and put him in the River Nile. Musa(Alayhissalam)’s mother did as she was told and put her trust in Allah. Firaun had many castles around the River Nile and each morning he would go on check on them.While checking on them he would pass by the banks of River Nile.One day while him and his people were passing by the banks of the River Nile they noticed a box floating in the Nile.The queen noticed it too and she said to the king”My lord do you see that box?”The king replied”How can there be a box in the Nile?”It is a piece of wood wich has fallen into the Nile?”As the box came nearer the people said “Yes it is a box” The king ordered one of his servants to go get the box, and to their surprise there was a beautiful smiling baby in the box. Everybody was amazed.Even Firaun was amazed.